Foundation Awards/Fellowship Programs

  The Brandel – Murphy Lions Youth Foundation has created two unique awards to recognize the outstanding service performed by Lions throughout Multiple District 20.  Both were named after important themes used by PIP Al Brandel during his year as our International President.


  The first of these honors is called the "Miracles Through Service Award."  Each Governor in MD20 will be able to nominate one outstanding Lion in their district for the "Miracles Through Service Award."   Each Governor will receive a nomination form to be completed and returned to the Foundation. The Governors may not nominate themselves.


heromedal  The nomination must first be approved by the Board of Directors of the Brandel – Murphy Lions Youth Foundation, cannot be purchased, and is only presented through the Foundation.  The recipient will be presented with the medallion pictured to the right along with a lapel pin that can be proudly worn or displayed to honor their outstanding service.


  In addition to being nominated by each district governor on a yearly basis, PIP Al Brandel and Lion Dr. Maureen Murphy may also select one outstanding Lion each year, who in their opinion, has done outstanding service for those in need. Lastly, the Foundation Board of Trustees may nominate a "Miracles Through Service" award recipient each year as well bringing the annual total to only 14.

To see a complete list of the "Miracles Through Service" award recipients to date, click here.

 The second honor is not an award, but an invitation to join a special fellowship. It is the strong belief of both PIP Al and Lion Dr. Maureen, as well as the Foundation which bears their name, that Lions and others who give service to others should be recognized for being an everyday hero in their community. In an effort to further the goals of the Brandel-Murphy Lions Youth Foundation, the Board of Directors have also established a recognition medal based upon Past President Al Brandel's "Everyday Hero" theme.

    An invitation to join the Brandel - Murphy "Everyday Hero" Fellowship may be presented to worthy Lions and Non-Lions for a donation of $300 to the foundation. Like the "Miracles Through Service Award," members of this important Fellowship will be presented with a medallion, a lapel pin, and a signed certificate to honor their outstanding service.

   Unlike the "Miracles Through Service" award, a Brandel - Murphy "Everyday Hero" Fellowship tribute can be nominated by anyone who wishes to support the Foundation. In turn, the tribute can also be presented to any person as the donor sees fit. However, the donor cannot nominate themself for this honor. Click here for a list of the "Everyday Hero Fellows" that have recieved this honor to date.

  All profits from the Brandel - Murphy "Everyday Hero" Fellowship program will be used to help children in need throughout New York State and the Island of Bermuda.




Click Here to download an application for the Brandel - Murphy "Everyday Hero" Fellowship ann honor someone special today!